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Igman Electric Maintenance Services

Thermal Imaging Technology Igman Electric

Planned maintenance and sound energy solutions achieve positive economic results!

Igman Electric has the expertise and resources necessary to provide the most comprehensive and flexible lighting maintenance programs in the industry.
Whether it is long-term maintenance of your office building and electrical requirements, replacing old wiring with an upgraded system or making sure that critical electrical equipment is operating properly. Regular checks and timely repairs prevent sudden outages, huge replacement costs and serious accidents in your workplace. Our engineers and technicians are among the most qualified in the industry. Call us today!

Our Services


Thermal Imaging

• Detect problem areas before the real problem occurs
• At Igman Electric, we use advanced infrared technology to determine the cause of existing problems and prevent failures and provide you with a full thermal inspection and detailed report with findings and recommendations


Facility Analysis & Preventative Maintenance

• We will conduct a detailed analysis of your facility and provide comprehensive reports as well as effective and lasting solutions
• Keep your building systems running at peak efficiency and in a cost-effective manner. Igman Electric's expert technicians will help you avoid serious accidents and eliminate unnecessary shut downs


Panel Building

• Complete turnkey panel building set-up & installation
• Faster install times
• Smoother start-up


Maintenance & Troubleshooting

• 24 hour service
• 1 hour emergency service
• Electrical Maintenance Services
• Electrical Maintenance Contracts
• Electrical Inspections and testing