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Bucket Truck Igman Electric

Underground Cabling Igman Electric

Rely on Igman Electric for your full service electrical maintenance and new construction commercial needs. From commercial warehouses to offices locations, we service all types of electrical installations. We also have the equipment and expertise to respond to a wide range of power pole and cable installation services.

Whether it is long-term maintenance of your office building and electrical requirements, replacing old wiring with an upgraded system or making sure that critical electrical equipment is operating properly, call us today! With our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, bucket trucks and certified technicians, Igman Electric services all of your commercial needs.

Our Services


New Commercial Buildings

• Retail, office, commercial building wiring installation
• Office trailers: hookups/disconnects
• New lighting systems and design
• Tenant electrical rough in to completion
• Customer build-out for new spaces
• Fire alarm installations
• New circuit installations
• Emergency lighting installs
• Installation of occupancy sensors


Existing Commercial Buildings

• Retail space & commercial building wiring renovations
• Commercial panel, sub-panel & electrical service upgrades
• Energy efficient lighting retrofits
• Data cable for computer applications
• Phone cable and all wiring
• Transformer upgrades and installation
• Energy Efficient Transformers
• Energy Management Systems
• Fire controls
• Air handling controls
• HVAC controls
• Ventilation wiring, system installation
• Warehouse lighting repairs and upgrades
• Emergency lighting testing, repair or upgrades
• Electrical inspections and testing
• Electrical maintenance service and contracts


Exterior Commercial Lighting

• Flood Lighting
• Parking Lot Lighting
• Street lighting
• Outdoor Signage Installation



Poles & Underground Cable Installation Services

• Cable Installation
• Underground cabling
• Pole & Cable Maintenance
• Timber Pole Installation