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Igman Electric Industrial Services

Outdoor Lighting Igman Electric

Good lighting is good for business!
At Igman Electric, we are experienced in the industrial sector and we understand the need for quick turnaround time, minimal downtime, accountability for responsiveness, and production optimization. Call us today!

Our Services


Equipment & Machinery

• Wiring of equipment and machinery
• Installation and repairs to motors and controls
• Wiring of programmable controllers
• Power distribution systems
• Motor and process control designs, installations and upgrades


System Design

• Equipment designs, installations, inspections, overhaul and upgrades
• Plant lighting system design
•Plant modernization and energy management
• Telecommunications and data wiring design and installation


Industrial Electrial Consulting

• Electrical planning and construction consultation services



Maintenance & Troubleshooting

• 24 hour service
• 1 hour emergency service
• Electrical Maintenance Services
• Installation and upkeep of interior and exterior lighting
• Emergency lighting, redundant and back-up power systems
• Electrical Inspections and testing